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Are You Interested in Becoming a Firefighter?

If you are interested in becoming a firefighter with the North County Fire Protection District, becoming a Volunteer Firefighter with our Rainbow Division can be a great way to jumpstart your career.  Volunteer Firefighters staff our Station 6 and receive weekly training on all aspects of wildland and structural fire suppression as well as technical rescue, and basic emergency medicine and hazardous materials response.   Basic entrance requirements include possession of a valid National Registry EMT certification and a desire to pursue the fire service as a career; experience as a Fire Explorer and/or graduation from a fire academy accredited by the State of California is desirable, but not required.  We offer Volunteers a fire academy sponsorship opportunity, which includes holding a limited number of positions, partial tuition reimbursement and personal protective equipment.  Upon completion of one year of service Volunteer Firefighters, may be eligible to receive Firefighter 1 Certification as well as Driver Operator training.

Upon completion of a fire academy, Volunteer Firefighters are eligible to apply become a Reserve Firefighter, which is a regularly scheduled 30 hour-per-week paid position assigned to one of two paramedic ambulances. Working alongside a paramedic partner responding exclusively to 9-1-1 calls, Reserve Firefighter/EMTs are able to gain the EMT experience necessary to attend a paramedic program.  After a year of service as a Reserve Firefighter, those in good standing may be eligible to receive partial tuition reimbursement to attend a paramedic program.  Reserve Firefighters with paramedic licensure are eligible to apply for full-time employment with the District as a Firefighter/Paramedic, which is intended to serve as our primary pool of prospective full-time employees.  Our Reserve Firefighters enjoy a high rate of success in landing full-time careers in the fire service within the region.

Best of luck on starting your journey into the fire service!

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